Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday we took a quick trip to see some family in Wales. It was a fly in visit so the only place we went was my aunties house and the cemetery to lay flowers. It was really good to see my cousin and her little girl Khama. She was actually due before Rhys but thanks to my eager little ones she is a few months younger then him. I have to admit the boys had a great time down there and it just makes me realise just how much we are missing out with living in Germany.
I will admit every time i go there i always end up pinching food out of the cupboards ha ha and thanks to my Auntie Trudy we all enjoyed a great ham sarnie with a few cuppa's.

Here are the the three little ones playing and below is my 2nd cousin Khama who is soon to have a little sister. She is so adorable yet cheeky and her curls, she had the cutest little ringlets. If only i had remembered to take my camera with me yesterday. These pictures are from my brother. Oh yeah i got to see one of my Brothers yesterday and Caden very much enjoyed hanging out with him while Rhys was preoccupied with chasing khama.

Isn't she just a cutie pie.

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