Friday, April 24, 2009

Biscuit Theives

This morning i decided to do a little extra cleaning then the usual time slot allowed per room in a day so that we can enjoy our weekend. Now normally i whack on the Roary d.v.d, set them up with a drink, plus snack and away i go. So as I'm scrubbing the Kitchen from top to bottom i think everything will be fine as i can still see them, however after about 20 minutes i had a nagging feeling to walk to the couch. On approach i notice a trail of crumbs and no boys anywhere. That's not a big deal as they tend to walk/crawl around the house so I'm thinking to myself maybe they are in the playroom.
So of course i go and look but nope no where to be seen, as i turn into the boys bedroom i find not only both boys on the bed but an open container of ginger biscuits that we made last night.

I have no idea how i didn't hear them since i wa sin the kitchen or how Caden got up on the bed.
They have become little sidekicks over the last few days. Rhys is starting to be some what nice to caden though he often forgets that Caden is still to small for certain games which results in crying and accidents. Then you have Caden trying to copy his big brother on everything and is always no more then 5 paces behind Rhys during the day.

Look at Rhys he just cracks me up

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ski said...

Oh My Gosh! TOO funny. I love/hate when they get sneaky. They are so much fun at that age.