Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The past week has been some what of a strain in the Williams household with hospital appointments galore, Adam not being around, crappy weather and the boys testing me more then ever. So on Wednesday i decided to up sticks and take a trip to see a friend rather then being stuck at home with two bored boys in a place that i wasn't so fond of lately.
We had a pleasant two and a half hour drive which turned out to be fantastic half way through when we stopped for a quick snack. While i was watching the trees swaying back and Fourth in the wind i noticed a deer near by. Anyone that knows me will understand how just seeing these two things can change my mood with a drop of a hat. It made me miss our last base as almost every trip in the car was followed by seeing deer around us. The four days were quite packed with going the gym, walking up and now the hills and shopping. We did how ever take a walk down to a local nature park with a pond where we sat and watched the ducks swimming and people just happily walking around. I love days like that as i get the chance to reflect on what ever i need to and refresh myself. Of course i could of stayed away much longer but decided the trip was well spend but not before having a girls night. Now that was worth the stay alone because i had time to relax and have some fun while the boys played liked mad men with the other kids until they passed out.
I'm just so stoked that Ally will be in Germany until 2011 now.

Here are some of the girls who made us three feel very welcome not to mention the boys had a blast eating all the goodies

Here are my little monsters not looking at the camera as normal. They were so happy being away and loved every moment with Little Liam and the gang.

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